CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide

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CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide

Here we provide you help in the selection of the most suitable CoolMOS™ Power MOSFET for your application. The applications have been divided into high power, low power and automotive, because each segment comes with different requirements.









CoolMOS™ for high power SMPS (>150W)

Pushing the edge of silicon MOSFET performance

The CoolMOS™ high power portfolio addresses the complete application landscape across PFC, LLC and ZVS topologies with product families addressing different sub-segments in terms of efficiency and ease-of-use. CoolMOS™ C7, P6 and CFD2 are active and preferred - we recommend our customers to use these parts for new designs (see selection table below, shown in colors). Older CoolMOS™ generations (see selection table below, shown in grey) like C3, CP, C6 and CFD will be continued for an extended period of time and can still be used by customers for new designs. In special cases, their properties offer an excellent fit to a particular design, while for the majority of applications the newer series, such as CoolMOS™ C7, P6 and CFD2, offer higher customer value at lower price.


CoolMOS™ positioning high power SMPS


Active and preferred CoolMOS™ product families
CoolMOS_C7_active_and_preferred 600V
  • Highest efficiency in PFC, up to 0.7% ahead of CoolMOS™ CP
  • Fast switching up to 200kHz from 50% reduced turn-off losses
  • Performance coming close to GaN in hard switching applications
  • Use in PFC and high-end LLC
CoolMOS_C7_active_and_preferred 650V
  • Best-in-class efficiency if additional breakdown voltage needed (650V)
  • Use in PFC and hard switching applications only, higher losses in resonant stages
CoolMOS_P6_active_and_preferred 600V
  • General purpose part with excellent performance recommended for most designs in high power SMPS applications (100W...3kW)
  • High efficiency combined with ease-of-use and low design-in effort
  • Suitable for both soft and hard switching applications (PFC/LLC)
  • Price/performance optimized for cost effective designs
CoolMOS_Cfd2_active_and_preferred 650V
  • Fast body diode with fastest recovery time on the market
  • Very low ringing and voltage overshoot for ease-of-use
  • Ahead of competitors in mid load to full load efficiency range
  • Designed for ZVS/LLC


Active CoolMOS™product families
CoolMOS_CP_active 500V 600V
  • High efficiency, fast switching up to 100kHz
  • PFC as main application
  • Replaced by C7 with better efficiency and better price
CoolMOS_C6_E6_active 600V 650V
  • General purpose use with good ease-of-use an low EMI
  • PFC/LLC/FB applications

500V 600V 650V 800V

  • General purpose use with excellent ease-of-use an low EMI
  • Premium price for highest ruggedness
  • PFC/LLC/FB general purpose use
CoolMOS_CFD_active 600V
  • Fast body Diode part for ZVS and LLC
  • Replaced by CFD2 with better efficiency and better price


CoolMOS™ for low power SMPS (<150W)

Efficiency accessible at an attractive price

In low power SMPS, high voltage SuperJunction MOSFETs address applications such as smartphone/tablet chargers, notebook adapters, TV sets and LED lighting. Increasingly, customers replace standard MOSFETs by SuperJunction  MOSFETs in order to benefit from higher efficiency and an attractive cost-down roadmap going forward. In many  designs, a trade-off decision between highest efficiency, good ease-of-use (typically EMI) and an attractive cost position needs to be made.


The CoolMOS™ portfolio for low SMPS offers a number of choices for power engineers:




CoolMOS™ Automotive

600V CoolMOS™ CPA and 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA - automotive technology in pole position

After launching the first series of high voltage automotive MOSFET, the 600V CoolMOS™ CPA series, Infineon has launched its second generation of market leading automotive qualified high voltage MOSFET, the 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA series. The 600V CoolMOS™ CPA portfolio and the broad 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA portfolio provide all benefits of a fast switching SuperJunction MOSFET while fulfilling the enhanced reliability requirements for automotive applications realized with special screening measures in front end and back end as well as qualification compliant to AEC Q100.


The 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA series additionally caters to special application needs with its integrated fast body Diode. This fast body Diode is the key for addressing resonant switching topologies resulting in lower switching losses due to the low gate charge. The softer commutation behavior and consequent reduced EMI appearance gives the 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA series a clear advantage in comparison to competitor parts. Furthermore, limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation of the body Diode enables easier implementation of layout and design. Therefore, the combination of both, the 600V CoolMOS™ CPA and the new 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA technologies are the best choice for switching topologies in automotive applications. 


Common key features CoolMOS™ "A"

  • First 600V/650V automotive qualified high voltage technologies for automotive market
  • Compliant to AEC Q101 standard


Key features 600V CoolMOS™ CPA Applications 600V CoolMOS™ CPA Key features 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA Applications 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA
  • Lowest R DS(on) per package
  • Lowest gate charge value Q G
  • Hard switching topologies
  • PFC boost stages in on-board charger
  • Active clamp or two transistor forward in DC-DC Converter
  • Limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation– self-limiting di/dt and dV/dt
  • Low Q rr at repetitive commutation on body Diode and low Q oss
  • Resonant switching topologies
  • LLC or full-bridge ZVS in DC-DC Converter
  • HID lamp

NEW! 800V CoolMOS™ P7 a new benchmark in efficiency and thermal performance

NEW! 650V CoolMOS™ C7 Gold in TO-Leadless package

Power Management Selection Guide 2016

CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide


New 800V CoolMOS™ P7 sets new benchmark in efficiency and thermal performance

Infineon's new product family is a perfect fit for low power SMPS applications, fully addressing market needs in performance, ease of design, and price/performance ratio. It mainly focuses on flyback topology which is typically found in applications like adapter, LED lighting, audio, industrial and auxiliary power.

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New 650V CoolMOS™ C7 Gold in TO-Leadless package delivers high performance with a small footprint

Infineon's new CoolMOS™ family, the 650V CoolMOS™ C7 Gold in TO-Leadless package, is a combination of improved superjunction (SJ) semiconductor process and advanced SMD package design, delivering unparalleled performance in hard switching applications. The small footprint of this package brings power density advantages for server, telecom and solar applications.

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CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide

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Product Brochure

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Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Application Brief

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Application Notes

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Additional Product Information

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CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide

Simulation Models

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CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide



800V CoolMOS™ P7 - a new benchmark in efficiency and thermal performance

With this video customers get an overview about 800V CoolMOS™ P7 in terms of its best-in-class performance, state of the art ease-of use as well as price/performance position.

Length 07:38



Introduction of Infineon's superjunction MOSFET solution for low power applications

Infineon offers an ideal solution for price/performance value with the CoolMOS™ CE family. It comes with low conduction and switching losses that improve efficiency and ultimately reduce power consumption. CoolMOS™ CE comprises 500 V, 600 V, 650 V, 700 V and 800 V for low power applications such as adapter, charger, lighting and TV.

Length 3:22

New eLearning: 650V CoolMOS™ C7 Gold and TO-Leadless package

This eLearning will help you to understand how the new 650V C7 Gold technology and the TO-Leadless package features combine together to enable for the first time an SMD package to be used in mid to high power PFC circuit. In this training, you will learn how the new C7 Gold and the TO-Leadless package bring benefits in power density and help saving manufacturing costs.

Length 17:00

eLearning 600V CoolMOS™ C7 series

In this eLearning you get an explanation of the 600V CoolMOS™ C7 product family and its technical background. After this trainign you will understand the impact from efficiency to temperature, know the losses contribution of the MOSFET in PFC, understand and know the different switching losses mechanism, understand Q oss and E oss and its impact to hard- and soft- switching, know the limitation of the parasitic source inductance and understand the 4pin functionality with its benefit in hard switching applications.

Length 13:07
Introducing the New 600 V CoolMOS™ C7 Series System Solution, Demoboards and Product Portfolio

Introducing the New 600 V CoolMOS™ C7 Series System Solution, Demoboards and Product Portfolio

The new 600 V CoolMOS™ C7 series from Infineon brings new levels of efficiency to hard switching topologies (PFC/TTF) and unlike its 650 V predecessor also in high performance resonant topologies (LLC). This video covers the general Information.

Length 4:32
Introducing the New CoolMOS™ C7 Series

Introducing the New CoolMOS™ C7 Series

Infineon’s new CoolMOS™ C7 series is a revolutionary step forward in technology, providing the worlds’s lowest RDS(on) per package and, thanks to its low switching losses, efficiency improvements over the full load range. C7 is optimized for hard switching topologies such as Power Factor Correction (CCM PFC), Two Transistor Forward (TTF) and Solar Boost in applications such as Solar, Server, Telecom and UPS. The 650V breakdown voltage makes it suitable for both Solar and Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) PFC stages where extra safety margin is required. 

Length 5:57
600V CoolMOS™ P6 Power Mosfet: Performance Comparison and Conclusion

600V CoolMOS™ P6 Power Mosfet: Performance Comparison and Conclusion

With the CoolMOS™ P6 Infineon extends its market leading CoolMOS™ portfolio, setting new benchmarks in the price/performance Superjunction segment. The new and highly innovative product family is designed to enable higher system efficiency whilst being easy to design in. With its granular portfolio, the CoolMOS™ P6 family offers the best price/performance ratio of any Superjunction technology available on the market today.

Length 5:13
CoolMOS™ CE – a New Market Leading Superjunction Generation

CoolMOS™ CE – a New Market Leading Superjunction Generation

Infineon is widening the CoolMOS™ portfolio offering new 500V CoolMOS™ CE series. As a new technology platform on market leading high voltage power MOSFETs, the new devices provide all benefits of fast switching Superjunction MOSFETs while not sacrificing ease of use. I price sensitive applications such as Consumer, PC Silverboxes and Lighting, CoolMOS™ CE offers the best price-performance ratio on the market while meeting higher efficiency standards.

Length 2:22
Soft Switching of new MOSFET Generation 600V & 650V C6/E6

Soft Switching of new MOSFET Generation 600V & 650V C6/E6

Infineon's 600V/650V CoolMOS™ C6/E6 series of high-performance power MOSFETs combine the advantages of modern Superjunction (SJ) devices such as low on-state resistance and reduced switching losses with easy control of switching behavior as well as high body diode ruggedness. Based on the same technology platform, C6 devices have been optimized for ease of use while E6 devices have been designed to provide higher efficiency.

Length 4:35


CoolMOS™ Family Selection Guide

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