2-Phase Bridge Driver with Integrated ARM® Cortex® M3

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Infineon has combined its wealth of experience in motor control drivers for automotive applications with all the benefits of an industry-standard core. The unique result, our 3rd Generation Embedded Power IC based on ARM® Cortex®-M cores, addresses a wide range of smart 2-Phase DC motor control applications like, sunroof, power window lift, electrical pumps, electrical fans.


Produced on Infineon’s first-in-industry automotive qualified 130nm Smart Power technology, the Infineon Embedded Power System-on-Chip solutions offer an unmatched level integration and system cost to performance to optimization for the target application segments.


The TLE986x family offers scalability in terms of Flash memory sizes and MCU system clock frequency supporting a wide range of motor control algorithms. It uses the same MCU and peripherals as the TLE987x family, 3-Phase driver, enabling design synergies between DC and BLDC motor control applications


The new Infineon® Embedded Power IC is supported by a complete development tool chain provided by Infineon and third party vendors. The tool chain includes compiler, debugger, evaluation board, LIN low level driver and configuration tool as well as example software code for Motor Control.


TLE986x_Block Diagram




  • ARM® Cortex®-M3 MCU
  • System clock up to 40MHz
  • Up to 128kB Flash memory
  • 4K EEPROM emulation
  • NFET drivers with charge pump
  • Current programmable NFET driver with patented slope control for optimized EMC behavior
  • Integrated LIN transceiver compatible with LIN standard 2.2 and SAE J2602
  • Supports fast programming via LIN
  • Direct memory access (DMA)
  • 10-Bit SAR ADC for sensing
  • Timers for PWM signal generation for 2 -Phase motor control
  • On chip oscillator & PLL
  • Complete system-on-chip for DC motor control
  • Minimum number of external components reduce BOM cost
  • Platform solution for a wide range of motor control algorithms
  • Simplifies EMC design based on slope programmable MOSFET driver
  • Intelligent power saving modes including stop and sleep mode, supports energy management (on demand)
  • PG-VQFN package with 7 x 7mm footprint enable PCB space saving
  • Reduce the motor size and weight
  • Single die solution improves module reliability



  • Sunroof
  • Power window lift
  • Electrical pumps
  • Electrical Fans


2phase Bridge driver

Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Instruction Set Architecture Solid Flash RAM Frequency High Side Switch
Matching Results: 4                  
descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending


active and preferred




ARM® Cortex® M3
64.0 kByte
6.0 kByte
40.0 MHz


active and preferred




ARM® Cortex® M3
128.0 kByte
6.0 kByte
24.0 MHz


active and preferred




ARM® Cortex® M3
36.0 kByte
3.0 kByte
24.0 MHz


active and preferred




ARM® Cortex® M3
64.0 kByte
6.0 kByte
24.0 MHz

Data Sheet

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4.3 MB 30 Jun 2015 01_00

Product Selection Guide

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Product Brief

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User Manual

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Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
TLE986X EVALB_JLINK Motor Driver The TLE986X EVALB_JLINK offers complete evaluation of all functions and peripherals of the TLE986x product family and allows direct connection to a DC motor via MOSFETS in H-Bridge configuration, it includes: H-Bridge for DC motor drive, UART and LIN for communication, direct access to all device I/Os and a J-Link debugger
    on request

    PCB Design Data

    Title Size Date Version
    589 KB 31 Mar 2015 01_20

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