Voltage Trackers

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Voltage Trackers

The Infineon voltage trackers are specially designed to supply the off-board sensors. High voltage accuracy and robustness of device implementation are the key benefits of Infineon voltage trackers. All voltage tracker products implement various protection features , such as: Over-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Reverse-Polarity and Reverse-Current . Together with robust design implementation and AECQ100 grade package voltage tracker are perfect solution to protect sensor and ECU in harsh environment. Also voltage output monitoring diagnostic is available on some products. This enables a significantly easier and faster way to detect an over or under-voltage and react accordingly and record such event.


Examples for typical fault conditions handled efficiently with Infineon voltage tracker:


  • In case of a short circuit to GND on the external wire, the current flowing through the power stage is limited by the current limitation circuitry. This limits stress condition on primary supply and protects ECU from the overload.
  • In case of a short circuit to the battery voltage on the wire, the voltage tracker is in reverse polarity condition. The reverse current through the tracker is limited by the reverse polarity protection. Again ECU is protected from damage.
Tracker12 Trackers2
AEC Qualified

Sensor Supply requires various protection due to harsh environment

  • Over-voltage (typ. ~26V)
  • Over-current
  • Reverse polarity
  • Supply accuracy


Key Features Key Benefits Applications
  • Designed for Automotive @ 150°C
  • Short to GND and BAT protected
  • Accurate Current Limitation
  • High Accuracy
  • Advanced Feature Set
  • Reliable Protection for ECU/Sensor
  • Easy and accurate voltage replication
  • High Flexibility/Scallability
  • Lower design effort => design cost saving
  • EPS sensor supply
  • Small DC motor driver
  • Safety Power Supply
  • Electronic Meter Systems
  • Transmission ECU
  • Dashboard‘s etc...


Application_exm_for_power_distribution Trackers2
AEC Qualified


Key Features
  • Heat distribution over the board
  • Reduce component failures due to overheat
  • Secures Main Supply from short’s/overvoltage
  • Increase system reliability


Voltage_replication_to_supply_controller Trackers2
AEC Qualified


Family Overview

Output Current
(I Q) [mA]
Output Accuracy
Min. adjust Voltage [V] Independent EN pin Status pin Packages


50 mA ± 0.5% 2.5 V - -


TLE 4254GS

70 mA ± 0.1% 2 V - Yes PG-DSO-8

TLE 4252D

250 mA ± 0.2% 1.5 V Yes -


TLE 4253GS

250 mA ± 0.2% 2 V - -


TLE 4251D

400 mA ± 0.2% 2.5 V Yes -


Voltage Trackers

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Voltage Trackers