DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

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DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

Highest Efficiency With The New Generation DrBlade™ 2




Save up to 35% board space without RC network. Reduce design-in effort & extend component lifetime.

Remember the long evenings spent at work to optimize your voltage regulator solutions? Finally leaving you exhausted and your boss nevertheless still not happy? Those hard times are now over.


Infineon’s latest power stage DrBlade™ 2 combines 3 chips in one single package – a HS/LS halfbridge configuration with a driver IC optimized to achieve peak efficiency values of above 95%.


In addition to the all-in-one solution, you can save up to 35% board space by the integrated current sense feature – meaning there’s no need for an external RC element anymore. But that’s not the only benefit. The integrated temperature and current telemetry feature-set offers superior system robustness as well as highest reliability, leading to a prolonged lifetime and reduced design-in efforts on your side. A maximum output current capability of 60A allows the system to operate with fewer phases, which can still be evenly balanced using telemetry. In combination with Infineon’s 4th generation digital controller family, the phase current can also be easily monitored via the IMON pin.


High customer takeup has meant that the DrBlade™ family has become a strong pillar in Infineon’s power stage portfolio, with the next generation already waiting in the wings.


Product Portfolio DrBlade™ 2

Product Type Part No./Product Name Package Name
power stage (driver+MOSFETs) TDA21320 DrBlade™ 2.0 LG-WIQFN-38-1 (6.6x4.5x0.6mm³)
power stage (driver+MOSFETs) TDA21321 DrBlade™ 2.1

LG-WIQFN-38-1 (6.6x4.5x0.6mm³)


DC-DC Voltage Regulation Complete System Solution:

DrBlade™ 2 power stage and Digital VR Controller
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active and preferred





DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

DrBlade™ 2

Key Features Key Benefits Applications
  • 60A max avg. load current
  • 4.5V to 16V input voltage
  • Temperature sensing and thermal warning
  • Load current sensing
  • Digital configuration
  • System stability and robustness
  • Fast and easy system optimization
  • Minimum solution footprint
  • > 95% peak efficiency
  • Desktop and Server Vcore and non-Vcore buck-converter
  • Single Phase and Multiphase PoL
  • CPU/GPU Regulation in Notebook, Desktop Graphics Cards, DDR Memory, Graphic Memory
  • High Power Density Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM) and SoC


DrBlade™ 1

The DrBlade™ package measures 5x5mm² and has a low profile of 0,5mm, fulfilling demand for higher power density and space saving in the target applications. The package footprint enables an optimized layout with a short connection path to the input capacitor and output inductor and simplified PCB layouts.


Features Benefits Applications
  • Compatible to Intel® VR12 Driver and MOSFETs Module (DrMOS) functionality
  • High current capability 40A
  • Capable of operating up to 1.2MHz switching frequency
  • Fast switching technology for improved performance
  • Small package size and low profile: 5 x 5 x 0.5mm³
  • Optimized footprint for DC-DC converter layout and improved cooling to the PCB
  • Low thermal resistance to the top side
  • Compatible to standard +3.3 V PWM controller
  • 94% peak effciency at 1.2V
  • Compact and simplified layout for a DC-DC converter
  • Optimized cooling system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High performance desktop and server DC-DC-converters
  • Single Phase and Multiphase DC-DC point of load (PoL) converters
  • CPU/GPU voltage regulation in Desktop Graphics Cards, DDR Memory, Graphic Memory
  • High Power Density Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM)



DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

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Product Selection Guide

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DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

Videos DrBlade™ 2.0/2.1 - an introduction to the key features of Infineon's latest integrated power stage

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Infineon's new DrBlade™ 2 and DC-DC System Solution DrBlade™ Soldering Process

DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

DrBlade™ - Integrated Power Stage

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