PWM-QR (quasi resonant) Flyback ICs

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State-of-the-art power control IC's for power ranges up to 300 W with innovative protection features for superior safety and reliability in operation.
The new ICE2QS0X is a high performance current mode  controllers for the SMPS applications such as LCD/PDP TV, color TV, DVD, adapters, set-top-boxes for satellite and cable services etc.

Of special note are its frequency modulation, its ultra low standby power consumption and an extensive array of protection features, allowing low EMI and highly efficient, reliable and cost effective designs.

There are 2 version of controller; with startup cell (ICE2QS01 andICE2QS03) and without startup cell (ICE2QS02).  ICE2QS01/3 are implemented with active bust mode and is the best-in-class of standby power performance. The ICE2QS02 is good for main converter where the auxiliary power is provided. It has implemented with extra protection features such as brownout, adjustable blanking time for OLP,etc to suit for system requirement

ICE2QS0X features

  • 500V startup cell for IC self power supply during various states (ICE2QS01/3)

  • Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load for higher efficiency

  • Active burst mode operation for ultra-low standby power (<1W@0.5W load) (ICE2QS01/3)

  • Cycle by cylce peak current limitation

  • Extensive protection features to protect the IC and the system from various fault conditions

  • Brownout, adjustable blanking time for OLP (ICE2QS02)

Product Product Status Order Online Packages Green Applications Output Current Type VCC ICC
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Generation 2

active and preferred

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Off-Line SMPS
MOSFET Gate Driver
11.0 V
27.0 V
2.0 mA


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Off-Line SMPS
MOSFET Gate Driver
10.5 V
24.0 V
2.3 mA

not for new design




Off-Line SMPS
MOSFET Gate Driver
10.5 V
24.0 V
2.3 mA

NEWS - latest product updates

ICE2QS03G -  Upgrade of operating temperature min. from -25°C to -40°C



Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 17 Mar 2017 01_00
2.8 MB 18 Mar 2015 01_00
312 KB 26 Jun 2008 01_00
3.6 MB 13 Dec 2016 01_00
2.6 MB 01 Mar 2016 01_00
1.5 MB 06 Mar 2017 01_00
960 KB 26 Jun 2008 01_00
2.4 MB 27 Nov 2014 01_01
1.1 MB 07 Apr 2010 01_00
2.4 MB 27 Nov 2014 01_01
2.2 MB 02 Jul 2014 01_00
905 KB 07 Apr 2010 01_00
2.6 MB 02 Jul 2014 01_00
1.6 MB 20 Feb 2014 01_01
1.3 MB 25 Jun 2008 01_00

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
879 KB 04 May 2016 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_45W_19V_FLYB_P7 MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 45W Adapter Demo Board
  • 2N7002
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPA80R450P7
active and preferred
EVAL_40W_19V_FLYB_P7 MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) Test platform for low cost charger and adapter applications
  • 2N7002
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPA70R600P7S
active and preferred
REF-45W ADAPTER MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) This reference board is intended to be a form, fit and function test platform for low cost and high power density applications
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPA60R650CE
active and preferred

Reference Design

Title Size Date Version
8.1 MB 12 Nov 2011 01_02

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
12 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00
9 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00
2 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00
10 KB 22 Oct 2013 01_00

Simulation Tool

Title Size Date Version
783 B 27 Sep 2016 01_00

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