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IGBT Modules


Stacks and Assemblies






The energy-efficient CIPOS™ intelligent power module family with its latest updates integrates various power and control components. Its design increases reliability, and can optimize PCB sizes and system costs. This simplifies the power design and reduces significantly the time to market.


The CIPOS™-Mini IPM is designed for current classes from 6A to 20A (up to 2 kW). Applications for CIPOS™ intelligent power modules can be air conditioning, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, fans, drives for textile machines, pumps, and compressors.


The Mini package enables designers to create cost-efficient designs. This package features power semiconductors and gate drivers from Infineon. Features like electrical isolation, EMI-safe control, innovative FAULT indication, and overload protection can reduce your design effort.


LS Power Semitech Co. Ltd, a Joint Venture of LS IS & Infineon Technologies, is the new business owner of the Infineon Molded Module business (CIPOS™). It has taken over the production and distribution of CIPOS™ family products since the end of 2009. See


Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
267 KB 03 Sep 2008 01_01
219 KB 03 Sep 2008 01_01
202 KB 05 Aug 2008 01_00
178 KB 13 Jan 2009 01_02
106 KB 28 Jul 2008 01_00
63 KB 25 Sep 2008 01_00
187 KB 18 Nov 2008 01_00
189 KB 19 Nov 2008 01_00
644 KB 05 Aug 2008 01_01
1.7 MB 15 Jun 2008 01_00
3.4 MB 15 Oct 2008 01_00
1.7 MB 15 Jan 2009 01_00
2.5 MB 10 Feb 2009 01_00
157 KB 02 Jul 2009 01_00

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
240 KB 06 May 2009 03_00



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