Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

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Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

The wide portfolio consists of standard thyristors and diodes with epoxy disc case, high power thyristors and diodes with ceramic disc case. Bipolar Power Semiconductors are applied in the most varied fields of application in a power range of just a few kilowatts up to several gig watts.

The light triggerable thyristors (LTT´s) are very compact in size and especially fast in reaction. Hence without high power thyristors high voltage DC couplers would not be reality today, when two grids can not be coupled by AC links.


Thyristor Presspacks Diode Presspacks Welding Diodes
Thyristor Presspacks Diode Presspacks Welding Diodes


Diode / Thyristor Studs
Diode / Thyristor Studs

Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

6500V Thyristor Discs  



Silicon controlled rectifiers for medium-voltage soft starters

The 6.5 kV thyristor disc series consists of four robust and powerful disc device types developed and designed for the special requirements of medium-voltage soft starter applications. All devices are designed for high surge current capability.


Discover our Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs)!

Soft Recovery Freewheeling Diodes  



Discover our Soft Recovery Freewheeling Diodes

Our soft recovery diode disc series consists of robust and powerful disc device types developed for the special requirements of medium-voltage IGCT inverter applications. All devices are designed for high surge current capability.


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Bip Stacks  



BIP-Stacks - Optimized solutions directly from Infineon Bipolar

For high power applications we offer a stack portfolio which includes modules- and discs -Assemblies & -Stacks with up to several 10 kA and up to 40 kV. Benefit from over 40 years of experience and order your stacks directly from leading manufacturer of power semiconductors.


More about our Stacks!

Online shop  



Easy online ordering for Bipolar Power Semiconductors

We offer a broad range of presspack disc housings which are directly available in our webshop.


Visit us & Order!


Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG

The Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG supplies the core technology for high power Thyristor / Diode Modules & Discs. These products in their various packages are being used world-wide and throughout the entire energy chain, from the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, right through to its transformation into mechanical power.


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Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

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Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

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Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

Advanced Transmission & Distribution EN

Advanced Transmission & Distribution EN

Thyristors have dominated this application for many decades. Nowadays thyristors as well as IGBTs are used in HVDC systems and FACTS to fulfill different needs.

Length 1:39
Power Conversion EN

Power Conversion EN

Infineon provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-power products for Power Conversion, to help its customers to achieve their aims. These high-performance products boost the reliability and efficiency of inverters for photovoltaic or wind applications.

Length 2:02
Renewable energy from offshore wind farms

Renewable energy from offshore wind farms

Energy means life: It heats houses, powers cars and lights megacities. The global appetite for energy is voracious, while resources are dwindling. One third of the energy consumed worldwide is electricity and the trend is rising. The name of the key energy source of the future is energy efficiency. Optimal electricity use is achieved by harnessing smart semiconductor technology: Innovative chip solutions fine-tune cars, industrial plants, consumer and household electronics to use less energy.

Length 7:32

Thyristor / Diode Presspacks

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