Automotive qualified IGBTs

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Automotive qualified IGBTs

Several IGBT modules and discretes with automotive qualification available to support the designer's efforts in hybrid and electric mobility.

Automotive qualified IGBTs Subcategories

Low conduction losses and high reliability. Therefore RC-Drives IGBT technology has been developed by Infineon as a cost optimized solution by offering space saving advantages due to monolithically integrated diode. Furthermore the technology provides outstanding performance for smooth switching behavior and low EMI levels even at the maximum junction temperature of 175°C.

With the HybridPACK™ family Infineon has developed new power semiconductor modules which have been specifically designed for hybrid electric vehicle applications. Variations in the requirements for mild and full hybrid applications have been taken into account for each design. For evaluation purposes Infineon is offering a complete Hybrid-Kit solution consisting of a HybridPACK™1 or HybridPACK™2 module, driver board, logic board and a special designed power capacitor from EPCOS®.


The automotive Easy 1B and Easy 2B Modules provide a platform for flexible topologies for applications with a power range of up to 6kW. The automotive Easy Module Series is based on the well established industrial Easy Module version. The availability of a high voltage battery system in both HEVs and EVs offers the possibility to increase the efficiency and to reduce the cost of some applications that are today supplied by the low voltage board-net (14V) in IC engine vehicles.


Automotive EiceDRIVER™

Evaluation Boards





Automotive qualified IGBTs

Product image 2ED020I12FA  



Automotive EiceDRIVER™

The Infineon EiceDRIVER™ family includes single and dual channel automotive IGBT Driver IC’s providing galvanic isolation and bidirectional signal transmission with high ambient temperature capability. Find out more about our Automotive EiceDRIVER™



Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™5 AUTO Discrete IGBT, which are AEC-Q-qualified, reduce power losses and improve reliability in electric vehicle (EV) as well as hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications such as onboard charging, power factor correction (PFC), DC-AC and DC-DC conversion.

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Reverse Conducting Drives and Drives Fast 

Reverse Conducting Drives and Drives Fast  are a high speed switching capable variant of the well established RC-Drives Automotive IGBT and were developed to meet the rising demand for high frequency applications.

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Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ 60TA Discrete IGBT technology offers a significant improvement in static as well as dynamic performance due to combination of trench top-cell and field stop concept.

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Automotive qualified IGBTs

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Automotive qualified IGBTs

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