OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

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OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

Optimized for Hard Switching Topologies




New OptiMOS™ Fast Diode (FD), Infineon’s latest generation of power MOSFETs in 200V and 250V, is optimized for body diode hard commutation. The improved hard commutation ruggedness of the device allows it to be used under demanding conditions like higher dv/dt, dI/dt and current densities simplifying the design process.


This advantage makes OptiMOS™ FD the perfect choice for hard switching applications such as Telecom, Industrial Power Supplies, Class D Audio Amplifiers, Motor Control and DC-AC inverter.

OptiMOS™ FD family provides a reverse recovery charge (Q rr) optimized solution for customers striving for the highest standards of performance. OptiMOS™ FD 200V and 250V achieves a 40% Q rr reduction compared to OptiMOS™ 3.

Low Q rr improves the system reliability by providing a significant reduction of voltage overshoot which minimizes the need for a snubber circuit, resulting in less engineering cost and effort.


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Product Portfolio OptiMOS™ 200V and 250V Fast Diode

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  D 2PAK TO-220
  D2PAK_optiMOS-300V TO-220-optiMOS-300v_web
V BR(DSS) 200V 200V 250V
Product Type IPB117N20NFD IPP120N20NFD IPP220N25NFD
R DS(on) 11.7mΩ 12.0mΩ 22.0mΩ

OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

Key Features Key Benefits Applications
  • Improved hard commutation ruggedness
  • Optimized hard switching behavior
  • Industry’s lowest R DS(on), Q g and Q rr
  • RoHS compliant - halogen free


  • Highest system reliability
  • System cost reduction
  • Highest efficiency and power density
  • Easy-to-design products




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OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

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OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

Videos OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

Hard Commutation of OptiMOS™ 200V/250V Fast Diode - Part 1 of 2 Hard Commutation of OptiMOS™ 200V/250V Fast Diode - Part 2 of 2

OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

OptiMOS™ Fast Diode 200V and 250V

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