CIC61508 - signature watchdog

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CIC61508 - signature watchdog

Safety systems require an independent watchdog which implements a robust monitoring channel for main microcontroller supervision in ISO26262- and IEC61508-compliant safety applications. Thanks to its small footprint, the CIC61508 is a spacesaving and cost-effective option for supporting safety applications. The CIC61508 is a Safety Watchdog to build up functional safety applications. Examples of such applications include Airbag, Electrical Power Steering (EPS) and damping systems. The watchdog monitors the main microcontroller by providing features to detect common failure modes of clock, power supply and temperature related computational errors on the microcontroller. Therefore, it serves as an independent diagnostic monitoring device to allow the Safety Relevant Sytem to be ASIL-D approved. The CIC61508 provides the following functions in ROM.


CIC61508 - SIL-Supporting Key Features

  • Internal Test Scheduler / Sequencer
    • Generates a sequence of test requests with specific data and checks the response agains a static table


  • Supply Voltage Monitor
    • Capable of detecting under- and overvoltage in the supply to the monitored Microcontroller and trigger RESET if required


  • Data Verification Unit
    • Compares two data variables delivered within a determined time period to check for equality


  • Task Monitor
    • Monitor system using a defined schedule table to check the dispatch of critical tasks with predefined execution budgets


  • System Shutdown
    • Three levels of temporal system shutdown providing flexible sequences


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CIC61508 - signature watchdog

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CIC61508 - signature watchdog

CIC61508 - signature watchdog

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