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System Benefits:

  • High integration for reduced complexity and significant cost savings
  • Innovative single supply concept leads to best‑in‑class power consumption, and reduced number of external supplies
  • Diverse Lockstep Core concept enables reduced development effort
  • Support for ISO 26262 decisions such as emergency braking
  • High speed trace port enables reduced requirements on integrated RAM and reduced overhead for automotive instrumentation vision


Most Innovative Safety

  • Diverse Lockstep Core with Clock Delay
  • Access Permission System
  • Safety Management Unit
  • DMA
  • I/O, Clock, Voltage Monitor
  • ISO 26262 Compliance to Support Safety Requirements up to ASIL-D
  • Availability of AUTOSAR 4.x


Dedicated RADAR Peripherals:

  • RADAR signal processing accelerator (FFT) with hardware windowing functionality
  • Flexibility in RADAR signal acquisition with4x internal ADCs
  • 16-bit parallel interface to connect external ADCs
  • High-precision input timers
  • High-precision output timers for DAC

Dedicated Vision Peripherals:

  • Picture pre-processing unit
  • Camera interface up to 100MHz
  • MJPEG compression



  • Triple TriCore™ with up to 300MHz
  • TriCore™ DSP functionality
  • Supporting Floating Point and Fix Point with all Cores
  • Dedicated FFT HW Acceleration Unit
  • Up to 8MB Flash w/ ECC protection
  • 384 KB EEProm @125k cycles
  • Up to 728 KB + 2MB RAM w/ ECC Protection for RADAR/Camera Image Storage
  • 4x 12bit SAR ADC Converter
  • Ethernet 100Mbit
  • FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, SPI
  • Redundant and Diverse Timer Modules (GTM, CCU6, GPT12)
  • Programmable  HSM (Hardware Security Module)
  • External Memory Interface
  • High Speed Serial Interface for Interprocessor Communication
  • High Speed Trace Port 2.5Ghz for Real Time Vision and Radar Data Tracking
  • Single Voltage Supply 5V or 3.3V
  • LFBGA-292 Package



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Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Budgetary Price €€/1k Clock Frequency SRAM (incl. Cache) CAN Nodes A/D Input Lines
Matching Results: 2                  
descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending
SAK-TC297TB-128F300S BB  


active and preferred




300.0 MHz
2776.0 kByte
SAK-TC297TA-128F300S BB  


active and preferred




300.0 MHz
2776.0 kByte

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
207 KB 17 Aug 2016 01_00
161 KB 17 Aug 2016 01_00

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.7 MB 30 Jul 2014

Additional Technical Information

Title Size Date Version
60 KB 02 Nov 2015 01_00

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.6 MB 08 Mar 2017 01_00

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.6 MB 30 Mar 2016 02_01
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
KIT_AURIX_TFT_MC_EXT Microcontroller An extension board to the Aurix TFT Application Kit allowing to control up to 4 uni and bi-directional Brushed DC Motors together with the high current half bridge BTN8982 Novalithic
  • TC2xx, BTN8982
active and preferred
KIT_ATV_24GHZ_RADAR Microcontroller
  • BGT24A transceiver MMIC family, e.g. BGTA24ATR12
  • AURIX™ 32-bit radar microcontroller family, e.g. SAK-TC264DA- 40F200
active and preferred
KIT_AURIX_TC297_TRB Microcontroller For evaluation of SAK-TC297T including Getting Started, free Tricore Entry Tool Chain , technical documentation, compiler and debugger. USB cable for power supply and extension board.
  • TC297T
active and preferred
KIT_MINIWIGGLER_3_USB Microcontroller High-Performance and Cost-Effective interface to the 10-pin DAP and 20-pin Automotive JTAG connector
    active and preferred
    KIT_AURIX_TC297_TFT Microcontroller
    • SAK- TC297TP-128F300S
    active and preferred

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