CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

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CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

CoolSiC 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

The revolutionary CoolSiC 1200V SiC JFET family, in combination with the proposed Direct Drive Technology, represents Infineon’s leading edge solution to bring actual designs towards new and so far unattainable efficiency levels. The new SiC JFET consistently reduces the switching losses with respect to the available IGBT based silicon devices and even the conduction losses when its ohmic characteristics are fully exploited.

Utmost efficiency at highest power density levels can be reached also thanks to Infineon’s CoolSiC monolithically integrated body diode, showing a switching performance comparable with that of an external SiC Schottky barrier diode. The Infineon SiC JFET, with its ultrafast body diode and dedicated Driver IC, represents the best solution for Solar, UPS and Industrial Drives applications by combining best performance, reliability, safety and ease of use.

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1200.0 V
26.0 A
190.0 W
78.0 A



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1200.0 V
35.0 A
238.0 W
114.0 A

CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

Features Benefits Applications
  • Complete solution offer consisting of JFET, P-channel MOSFET and dedicated driver
  • No reverse recovery charge
  • Ohmic output characteristics
  • Monolithically integrated ultrafast Body Diode
  • Utmost efficiency levels reachable
  • No gate oxides in the structure
  • Direct Drive solution simplifies design in and enables normally-off behavior
  • Extremely low and temperature independent switching losses
  • Reduced conduction losses with respect to IGBT mainly at partial and at light load
  • Low power losses in reverse operation in combination with synchronous rectification
  • Enables either reduced cooling requirements, the adoption of higher operating frequencies resulting in system costs savings by shrinking passive components or enabling a higher power density design in same footprint
  • Utmost reliability


Evaluation Board Available - EVAL 1200V CoolSiC™
  • Topology: Halfbridge useable as
    Buck and Boost Converter
  • Input voltage 800V
  • NOC (non overlapping clock generator,
    dead-time generator)
  • Different supply options possible
  • Different gate control circuits possible


Learn more and download material

CoolSiC_EvalBoard_Suitcase CoolSiC_EvalBoard_Suitcase_closed



CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

Product Selection Guide

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Product Catalogue

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Product Brochure

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Product Brief

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Product Overview

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Application Notes

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Additional Product Information

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CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL 1200V COOLSIC MOSFET, Gate Driver This evaluation board features the CoolSiC 1200V JFETs in conjunction with the EiceDRIVER 1EDI30J12CL. Each driver additionally controls a low-voltage p-channel MOSFET. These three devices are building up the Direct Drive JFET Topology.
  • 1EDI30J12CL
  • 1EDI30J12CP
  • BSC030P03NS3G
  • IJW120R070T1
  • IJW120R100T1
active and preferred

CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

Simulation Models

Title Size Date Version
3 KB 11 Nov 2013 01_00

CoolSiC™ 1200V SiC JFET & Direct Drive Technology

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