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AUDO Family



New Automotive TriCore™ Family AUDO MAX in Launch


The new family is called AUDO MAX and comes in 90nm (L90) technology. Powertrain and Chassis applications are the target applications. The family consists of 4 product segments which are the 9 (high end), 8 (mid range), 2 (low end) and 4 (bare die) series. Compared to the earlier AUDO Future family a significant step forward was made in several areas. For one new and comprehensive safety features were added to meet the increased demand for support of customers’ safety cases (SIL levels – Safety Integrity Levels). Secondly performance was significantly updated – which positions us as the performance leader with 300MHz on a single core device. In fact compared to AUDO Future this is an increase of 66.6%. A further enhancement is the new networking bus “FlexRay”, which increases data rate 10 times (on a net basis) compared to the long-known CAN-Bus, and will be rolled out over the full AUDO MAX family. A further plus is the new and market-leading package technology going from QFP176 with exposed Pad for improved thermal performance to scalable BGA packages up to 516 pins with space-saving pitch of 0,8mm. The first product we will release comes from the 8-series and is the midrange microcontroller TC1782 in a green QFP176 package. It comes scalable from 2MB/133MHz to 2.5MB/180MHz with FlexRay on chip. Design-ins at major automotive customers are running. We are currently sampling major automotive customers with devices and starter kits.

AUDO MAX SHE among EDN’s Hot 100 Products 2012

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AUDO Family

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AUDO Family

Video: TriCore™ Free Tool Chain/sites/default/en/product/video/TriCore.htmlf3f9eb30-be2b-11e3-8b04-40f2e90e8d04/sites/default/media/products/Microcontrollers/TriCore_web.jpg5caba658-be24-11e3-8b04-40f2e90e8d04



AUDO Family

AUDO Family

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