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Accurate Technologies



VISION Software is ATI's Calibration and Data Acquisition solution. VISION is not a combination of different applications, but truly a single solution. This one application can: (1) Flash the ECU, (2) Monitor and measure signals in the ECU and external signals, (3) Calibrate ECU parameters in real-time, (4) Compare, import and merge calibration data, (5) Analyze data, (6) Perform ECU algorithm rapid prototyping.

Accurate Technologies

ATI NoHooks


No-Hooks is ATI's innovative software-centric method of rapid prototyping. No-Hooks software can provide Electronic Control Unit (ECU) algorithm rapid prototyping functionality on the production-intent ECU without the need to access or re-program any ECU code. This can be achieved using only the files you use for day to day calibration activities and no additional hardware. The patent-pending No-Hooks technology offers software rapid prototyping features without the high cost of external bypass hardware, extra Hardware-in-the-Loop boxes or expensive (and time consuming) code changes.The key advantage to using ATI's No-Hooks is the opportunity to conduct development and/or test of your control algorithm development ideas or functionality on existing hardware. Any No-Hooks proven development on your target ECU will be closer to production intent, will require significantly less validation time and result in saved time and money.No-Hooks offers two levels of functionality: (1) Base No-Hooks: change control variables in the ECU's RAM that are normally only viewable or measureable. (2) No-Hooks OnTarget: integrate bypass models with production ECU executables without any modifications to the ECU source code and run the new algorithms on the production-intent ECU.In addition, No-Hooks functions with ATI's VISION software. Take advantage of ATI VISION's simple yet intuitive user interface. As an integrated part of VISION you can also simultaneously use other VISION applications such as calibration and data acquisition all within the same application.

Accurate Technologies

ATI A7 Interface


For those ECU's controlled by a Infineon microprocessor equipped with a debug port such as a JTAG / OCDS port ATI developed the A7 Serial Interface Module. The A7 connects to the microprocessor's debug port providing a direct interface to the ECU for calibration. No additional hardware is required. Most importantly, modify ECU memory without impacting the functionality of the ECU.Utilizing the debugger port bypasses the CAN bus leaving the CAN bus available for other functions. Serial interfaces provide a faster interface to the ECU. Achieve typical data rates of 100 data items per 20ms using the A7 module.The compact A7 is perfect for built-in applications without a housing or for in-vehicle applications with a splash-proof enclosure and a temperature rating of -40°C to 110°C.




INCA is the universal product family used for the development and calibration of the control and diagnostic parameters present in ECU functions. In addition to parameter optimization, INCA enables acquisition and recording of ECU signals along with additional related vehicle data. In addition to the core system for measurement and calibration, INCA also includes powerful tools for reading fault memory entries, managing calibration parameter values and ECU software project information, measured data analysis, and for reprogramming the flash memory with new ECU software.
INCA is used throughout the development process from the initial calibration of a function model, to the pre-calibration of an ECU at the test bench, to the final optimization in the vehicle. It is deployed at the desk, in the lab, at the test bench, and in the vehicle. Applications range from PC simulations to vehicle instrumentation.




INTECRIO is an ETAS software product that enables prototyping of automotive electronic systems based on MATLAB®/Simulink®, ASCET models, C code modules, and AUTOSAR software components. It supports the function development by offering an integration and experimentation platform.
For function validation, INTECRIO provides the possibility for virtual prototyping on Windows® PCs directly at the function developer's desk and thus enables cross-domain collaboration between function developers on one hand and system developers and simulation experts on the other. This way, it offers new opportunities for early phases of vehicle development, such as pre-calibration in the office.


Universal ETK/XETK ECU Interfaces


ETAS supports the TriCore target either by use of the ETAS ETK/XETK interfaces, or by use of the standard CAN interface. When using CAN as the calibration interface, ETAS provides an XCP protocol implementation free of charge.




EHOOKS is a software tool to enable bypass hooks to be placed efficiently into ECU software. The hooks can be set to HEX & A2L file without knowing software code details combined with know how protection. The partnerships with Tier 1 suppliers ensure a safe, reliable solution for dedicated ECU platforms.
No modification of standard software build is necessary. This results in smaller code closer to the production SW. For distributed development, EHOOKS enables that there are less software deliveries necessary for the OEM, because he/she can set the hooks efficiently by him-/herself.
EHOOKS is compatible with all ETAS hardware families and ECU interfaces. The cost optimized, project-related business model allows a cost-efficient implementation.

Vector Informatik GmbH

VX1000 Measurement and Calibration Hardware


The VX1000 family is a modular measurement and calibration solution with extremely high performance. It can be used in the vehicle (suitable for engine compartment), on test benches, and in the laboratory. The system acts as an interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape using the ASAM standard: XCPonEtherent. For maximum data throughput with minimal effect on ECU execution time, data is accessed utilizing microcontroller-specific data trace or debug interfaces.

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Video: TriCore™ Free Tool Chain


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