Non-Isolated Gate Driver IC

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Discover Infineon's solutions for non-isolated Gate Driver ICsfor applications such as Switch-Mode Power-Supplies (SMPS), DC-DC Converters, Motor Control, Solar Inverters and Industrial.



NEW! EiceDRIVER™ 2EDN Gate Driver for Discrete MOSFETs

Setting the Standard in Ruggedness: 5A Dual-Channel, Fast and Precise MOSFET and GaN Driver ICs
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Product Selection Guide

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2.7 MB 12 Mar 2008
21 MB 22 Feb 2016 00_00
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Product Brochure

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Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Application Notes

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Additional Product Information

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Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_2KW_ZVS_FB_CFD2 Gate Driver, MOSFET 2kW DCDC/ZVS full bridge stage 380/48 VDC, 96.6% peak efficiency
  • 2EDN7524F
  • IPP110N20N3 G
  • IPW65R080CFD
active and preferred
EVAL_600W_12V_LLC_C7 MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC), Gate Driver 600W DCDC/LLC stage, 400V/12V DC, 97.8% peak efficiency
  • IPP60R180C7, BSC010N04LS, 2EDL05N06PF, ICE2HS01G, ICE2QR2280Z, 2EDN7524F
active and preferred
EVAL_800W_130PFC_C7 Diode (Si, SiC), Gate Driver, MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 800W CCM Power factor correction (PFC), 110/230 AC to 400 DC, 97.8%peak efficiency, 130 kHz-high power density IPP60R180C7, IDH06G65C5, 2EDN7524F, XMC1302-T038X200 AB or ICE3PCS01G,ICE2QR4780Z
    active and preferred
    EVAL_3KW_2LLC_C7_20 Gate Driver, MOSFET, Microcontroller 3.0kW Dual LLC Evaluation Board
    • 1EDI60N12AF
    • 2EDN7524R
    • 2N7002
    • BAS 52-02V BAT165
    • BSC093N15NS5
    • BSS316N
    • ICE2QR2280Z
    • IFX1763XEJ V33
    • IFX1763XEJ V50
    • IPP60R040C7
    • XMC4400-F64K512AB
    active and preferred
    IRAUDPS1 DC-DC converter from 12V to +/-35V. Push-Pull converter. Power output scalable from 250W-1000W. 90% efficiency. Protected for OCP, UVP, OVP, OTP. External turn ON/OFF. Featuring IR2085 self oscillating gate driver and IRF6648 DirectFET MOSFETs.
    • IR2085
    active and preferred
    • IR25750L
    KIT_XMCI45_LARIX_PINU_1 Quadrocopter demonstrator kit with 9-axis motion tracking, pressure sensor and authentication representation. Control via Bluetooth or radio transmitter.
      coming soon


      New 2EDN EiceDRIVER™ Replacement Guide

      With the Infineon replacement guide 2EDN EiceDRIVER™ you will easily find a replacement solution for your driver to migrate to the Infineon 2EDN driver family. We have checked many different competitor drivers according to footprint, pinout, functionality and package type. Select your current solution and the Infineon Replacement Guide provides you in a very compact eLearning the matching Infineon part with additional facts and replacement know-how.  

      Watch-chinese-version     watch-hindi-version



      An Introduction to Infineon Gate Drivers                   

      An Introduction to Infineon Gate Drivers

      Do you want to know more about Infineon´s Gate Drivers? Watch our introduction video and become familiar with our product portfolio.

      Length 07:03





      New eLearning: MOSFET Driver Basics

      In this eLearning compiled by Ralf Walter you will get basic knowledge about MOSFET drivers. You will learn why MOSFET drivers are necessary and were to find them in the application. We will also explain the main parameters of a MOSFET driver and how they could influence the performance of an electronic circuit like SMPS or Motor Control.


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