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System Basis Chips (SBC) subcategories

What is a System Basis Chip (SBC)?

Where to use a SBC?

Why to use an SBC?

Infineon concept for Scalability with Compatibility

How to use an SBC?


What is a System Basis Chip (SBC)?

An SBC is an integrated component that combines common system features required on Automotive ECUs such as:
communication transceivers, voltage regulators, diagnostics and supervision functions, switches and wake inputs.





Where to use a SBC?

An SBC can be used in all Automotive ECUs where a communication interface and a supply for the microcontroller is required, for example in:

  • Body Control Modules
  • Climate Control Modules
  • Light Control Units
  • Gateways




Why to use an SBC?

There are many advantages in selecting an SBC in Automotive system design.

The drastic reduction in PCB space and overall system power consumption are just two prominent examples:




Infineon concept for Scalability with Compatibility

The new generation of Infineon SBCs offer full Software (SPI registers) and Hardware (package and pin location) compatibility across the families.



How to use an SBC?

Infineon offers a comprehensive set of support tools to facilitate the design in process including:

  • Demoboards
  • Reference designs
  • User manuals
  • Basic µC routines


How to use an SBC?

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 01 Dec 2012 01_00

FAQ Document

Title Size Date Version
117 KB 18 Apr 2013 01_00

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
10.6 MB 19 Jan 2016 01_01

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
DEMOBOARD TLE9263QX System Basis Chip (SBC) MId-Range SBC Evaluation Board enables the device evaluation and accelerates the design-in phase. The Evaluation Board can be connected to the “XC2000 power easy kit” and controlled, via USB, using a powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) installed on your computer.
  • TLE9263-3QXV33
  • TLE9260-3QX
  • TLE9260-3QXV33
  • TLE9260QX
  • TLE9260QXV33
  • TLE9261-3QX
  • TLE9261-3QXV33
  • TLE9261QX
  • TLE9261QXV33
  • TLE9262-3QX
  • TLE9262-3QXV33
  • TLE9262QX
  • TLE9262QXV33
  • TLE9263-3QX
  • TLE9263QX
  • TLE9263QXV33
on request

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
43 KB 07 Nov 2014 01_00
253 KB 24 Oct 2013 01_00
255 KB 24 Oct 2013 01_00

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