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The BTS50015-1TMA is a 1.5mΩ single channel Smart High-Side Power Switch, embedded in a PG-TO-220-7-232 package, providing protective functions and diagnosis. It contains Infineon® Reversave. The power transistor is built by a N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump. It is specially designed to drive high current loads up to 80A, for applications like switched battery couplings, power distribution switches, heaters, glow plugs, in the harsh automotive environment.

Summary of Features:

  • One channel device
  • Low Stand-by current
  • Wide input voltage range (can be driven by logic levels 3.3V and 5V as well as directly by VS)
  • Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)
  • Optimized Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Logic ground independent from load ground
  • Very low leakage current on OUT pin
  • Compatible to cranking pulse requirement (test pulse 4 of ISO7637 and cold start pulse in LV124)
  • Embedded diagnostic functions
  • Embedded protection functions
  • Green Product (RoHS compliant)
  • AEC Qualified


  • Very low Rdson
  • High load current capability
  • High inrush current capability
  • High energy capability
  • Integrated protection functionality
  • Integrated diagnosis functionality

Target Applications:

  • Automotive Body & Convenience
  • Power Distribution
  • Relay Replacement
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Heating Applications


Parametric BTS50015-1TMA
Channels   1.0 
Recommended Operating Voltage  min  max 5.5V  28.0V
IL (Short Circuit Current)   135.0A 
Diagnostics   Sense
Ptot  max 200.0W
ton  max 700.0µs
toff  max 700.0µs
Operating Temperature  min  max -40.0°C  150.0°C
Mounting   THT
Family   Power PROFET
Nominal Load Current per channel (All channels active)   33.0A 
RDS (on) (@ Tj = 25°C)   1.5mΩ 
RDS (on) (@ Tj = 150°C)  max 3.0mΩ


Data SheetInfo

Title Size Date Version
2.3 MB 04 Nov 2014 01_03

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
10.6 MB 19 Jan 2016 01_01
294 KB 07 May 2014
599 KB 29 Sep 2011

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
4.1 MB 25 Mar 2014 01_00

Material Content SheetInfineon Support">Info

Title Size Date Version
23 KB 31 Oct 2013 01_00


Sales Product Name BTS50015-1TMA
Product Status not for new design
Order online
Package Name PG-TO220-7
Completely lead free no
Halogen free yes
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 500
Packing Type TUBE


PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
2 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00
1.4 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00
1.9 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
PROFETPLUS MOTHERBRD High/Low Side Switch This demoboard is designed to handle all devices within the PROFETTM+ family. Banana connectors are provided for the connection to the power lines. The motherboard contains the entire application circuitry around the PROFETTM+ device. Additionally, some useful functions, such as the possibility to connect more than one demoboard to a test set up are implemented.
    on request


    PCB Design Data

    Title Size Date Version
    2 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00
    1.4 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00
    1.9 MB 14 Nov 2013 01_00



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