Advanced transmission and distribution

A modern transmission system needs adequate and modern electronics.

  • Voltage Source Converter High- Voltage DC-Transmission (VSC-HVDC)
  • Line Commutated Converter High- Voltage DC-Transmission (LCC-HVDC)
  • Ultra High- Voltage DC-Transmission (UHVDC)
  • Flexible AC-Transmission Systems (FACTS)

significantly reduce losses in long distance power transmission, enable the
integration of more renewable energy and ensure high power quality.

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Advanced transmission and distribution system diagram

Thyristors have dominated this application for many decades. Nowadays thyristors as well as IGBTs are used in HVDC systems and FACTS to fulfill different needs. Especially grid access systems for offshore wind farms far away from the coast require the turn-off capabilities of IGBTs. Thyristors are targeted at bulk power transmission, such as UHVDC systems with up to 800 kilovolts.

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