Accelerating the EMV migration

More and more payment transactions around the world are being handled by microcontroller-based smart cards. Designed to meet the rising security and convenience demands of cashless payments, these smart cards feature security controllers that must be designed to support:

  • Secure, fast, flexible payments
  • Open standards such as EMV
  • Multi-application / dual-interface functionality
  • Contact-based and contactless transactions
  • Static, dynamic and combined data authentication schemes (SDA, DDA, CDA)

Broadest portfolio for added security and convenience

As the global market leader, we deliver the industry’s broadest portfolio of security chips for payment applications. Drawing on our strong and deep industry engagement and the experience we have gained delivering 3 billion chips to date, we are ideally placed to meet these and emerging challenges. Leading-edge technologies such as  SOLID FLASH™ and  Coil on Module (CoM) provide compelling proof of our innovative capabilities. In addition, we are committed to non-proprietary, open ticketing standards such as CIPURSE™ and interoperability standards such as EMV issued by EMVCo.

Trusted by all major players

One single and unique security microcontroller family the SLE 77 covers the entire SDA, DDA, CDA and dual-interface application spectrum. A common footprint maximizes synergies within the family. The latest generation of SLE 77 was designed specifically to answer the rising performance demands of today’s contactless, multi-application cards.


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Contactless payment using smart wearables
Contactless payment using smart wearables
The world's first NFC payment ring enabled by Infineon
The world's first NFC payment ring enabled by Infineon

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