Stored data encryption and integrity protection

Hardware-based security provides vault for sensitive data

Devices connected to the Internet of Things often store sensitive user data locally. Typical examples include contacts, travel preferences and favorite movies or playlists. Many users have concerns that this data could be accessed or manipulated over the IoT. These data privacy fears can be alleviated by encrypting the data and thus protecting its integrity and confidentiality.

Beyond personal user data, device manufacturers and service providers also store data on devices, including product designs, business plans, usage statistics, billing and payment records, decryption keys, authorization codes, critical parameters and logs. Some of this data is confidential (e.g. media decryption keys) and much of it requires integrity protection (e.g. billing logs).

The challenge in ensuring data privacy and integrity protection lies in securely storing cryptographic keys. Data can be easily decrypted if an attacker manages to read out the keys. Integrity protection can also be easily bypassed if the storage area for credentials such as keys is not suitably secured.

Peace of mind for device users through integrity protection

At Infineon, we have developed a range of solutions to encrypt data and protect integrity. Functions supported by our OPTIGA™ Trust and our OPTIGA™ TPM families include secured storage for cryptographic keys, supplemented by software and hardware integrity checks to prevent these keys from falling into attackers’ hands.

Benefits at a glance

  • Enterprise-, consumer- and government-ready levels of device security, complying with current demand for tamper-resistant key storage for all devices with cryptographic capabilities
  • Peace of mind for customers and service providers as data cannot be accessed even if a device falls into the wrong hands
  • Confidence among end users that personal data is well secured


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