Secured communication

Trusted interaction across devices and networks

In a typical Internet of Things architecture, devices and systems are connected across heterogeneous networks employing various standard and proprietary protocols. These networks enable powerful services but they also expose systems to various risks such as eavesdropping on messages and message falsification. To protect against these potential threats, IoT devices and systems require secured communication capabilities.

Most secure communication protocols (such as TLS and DTLS) start by authenticating the communicating parties and then creating a session key that protects the confidentiality and integrity of messages between the parties. Although assigning a unique identification key and certificate to each device increases security, it also adds a layer of complexity. That is why less secure protocols skip encryption to improve performance. Reducing the added complexity of key management is the key to secure communications.

The encryption advantage

Hardware-based security can support secure communications by storing the keys used in communication protocols implemented in the microcontroller. These protocols can even be implemented in a security processor to improve security even further. Our OPTIGA™ TPM and OPTIGA Trust™ families, for instance, generate and securely store encryption keys for one-way and mutual authentication, thus protecting devices and networks against malware, controlling access and securing software updates.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Peace of mind for end users with stronger hardware security and reduced risk of attacks in IoT communications
  • Reassurance for end users that messages sent – even over less secure networks – are transferred without compromising integrity or confidentiality
  • New business opportunities in security-sensitive markets such as industrial automation, automotive and smart homes
  • Possibility to deliver plug-and-play communication products over less secure networks such as wireless or powerline networks – without worries
  • Ability for service providers to demonstrate due diligence in protecting users’ privacy.


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Security for smart factories – secured industrial networks with OPTIGA™ TPM
Security for smart factories – secured industrial networks with OPTIGA™ TPM

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