Crypto offloads

Outsourcing cryptographic operations

IoT device designers may wish to offload some or all cryptographic operations to a secured microcontroller for a number of reasons. The most common driver is a desire to keep some or all crypto keys and operations in a secure environment. The move could also be prompted by a need to increase performance and reduce the load on the main processor. Other triggers include the need for secured random number generation or the bundling of all processing on a security microcontroller, thus eliminating the need for a parallel non-secure processor. A single-processor solution has the added bonus of reduced costs.

Our OPTIGA™ TPM and OPTIGA™ Trust product families support high-quality cryptographic implementations. Highlights include random number generation, certification and resistance to physical attacks.

Benefits at a glance

  • Trust in certified cryptography on IoT devices
  • Protection against data theft and abuse for service providers
  • Hardware-based cryptography for greater user confidence in the security of their IoT devices


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