Boot process protection

Monitoring platform and system integrity – from the ground up

Also known as secure, verified or trusted boot, boot access protection blocks unauthorized booting of computing devices to stop compromised devices from exchanging data over the Internet of Things. This may apply to the entire boot process or parts of it. One of the big challenges in boot process protection lies in the management of integrity metrics. If a device needs to be updated in the field, the integrity metrics approved for software and firmware in its boot process also need to be updated in a secure way. Whereas secure boot at device level is relatively straightforward, system- or infrastructure-wide protection greatly increases the integrity metrics management effort. This management mechanism adds complexity to the device development process.

Industrie 4.0 manufacturers who want to protect their blueprints and business plans against piracy and cloning, for instance, can combine integrity metrics to protect software with encryption or decryption of the evaluated component. This can help to protect IP.

Boot performance you can rely on

We deliver a range of security ICs to enhance boot protection and take the complexity out of integrity metrics management. OPTIGA™ TPM, for instance, integrates a root of trust in the boot process compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards. Alternatively, proprietary boot processes can be implemented in our hardware ICs using C code.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy detection of host operating system and software manipulations, including rootkits, viruses or worms
  • Opportunity for device manufacturers to offer additional security features
  • Service providers benefit from protection of data and service access
  • Confidence in device security for end users, plus notification if a device is no longer trustworthy


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