Trusted computing security solutions

Benefit from standards-based certified security solutions for embedded applications

In a bid to meet rising demand for security, many manufacturers and system providers are looking for customized, easy-to-implement solutions that support rapid design-in and deployment by integrating seamlessly into existing and new computing designs. The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has defined a range of open, vendor-neutral, global industry standards to support interoperable, Trusted Computing platforms. Trusted Computing aims to detect unauthorized changes to a system based on an established security anchor embedded in a computing device. This is achieved with a dedicated microprocessor to support the secured integration of cryptographic keys into the device. The basic keys stored in the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) are processed and used internally, with all cryptographic functions being protected. Long established in computer designs, Trusted Computing is now moving into a much broader application spectrum across industries as diverse as automotive and industrial automation.

Bringing you the benefits of standardization and interoperability

As one of the founding members and key drivers within TCG, Infineon continues to bring the benefits of standardization to its customers. Our aim is to provide you with strong, proven security solutions offering reduced integration effort. You can build on our long-standing expertise and reliability to protect sensitive data, establish strong machine identity and integrity, and support secure authentication by protecting certificates, keys and passwords. Backed by our global support team, we offer a market-leading range of OPTIGA™ TPM products supporting all standard interfaces over a wide temperature range. In fact, we were the first semiconductor player to complement our TPM 1.2 offering with a TPM 2.0 product to support the next generation of embedded Trusted Computing applications. Find out more about our OPTIGA™ TPM family and how our portfolio scales across interfaces, packages and temperature ranges to meet individual application needs.

Benefits at glance

  • Ease of integration, reliability and software reusability benefits of standardization
  • Wide, innovative range of certified products with superior support
  • Smooth migration from TPM 1.2 to 2.0 with first TPM 2.0 product


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