Trusted computing for PCs

Enhance PC security with OPTIGA™ TPM

Rising connectivity and mobility mean that both business and private users are using their PCs, notebooks and tablets more and more to store and transfer confidential data. In the enterprise space, notebooks are becoming the hub of complex corporate networks. At the same time, PCs are used by consumers to store private data and to complete security-sensitive transactions such as online payments. High-quality, robust security authentication and encryption solutions that can be customized to individual needs are the key to building customer trust in this evolving computing market. Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) are the most reliable way to build certified computer security and trust into today’s PCs.

Partnering with you to solve your individual computer security challenges

As the trusted and established market and innovation leader in the Trusted Computing space, Infineon offers a broad portfolio of certified Trusted Platform Modules. To give you flexibility, we support not only a wide range of standards, but also offer firmware upgrades so you can adapt as you grow. Looking beyond our standardized offering, we also partner with customers to develop and deliver individualized solutions. Our turnkey PC security solutions will even speed your time-to-market and reduce your system costs.

You can rely on us to keep you ahead of the embedded security game, thanks also to our active role in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). OPTIGA™ TPM 1.2 was the first security controller with an SPI bus to receive Common Criteria certification. We are also the first to offer an OPTIGA™ TPM 2.0 product – giving our customers a smooth migration path to the latest standards in embedded PC security.

Talk to your local Infineon representative today and discover the benefits of proven computer security based on certified technology, strong authentication and platform integrity and improved protection of critical information with trustworthy hardware.

Benefits at glance

  • Complete portfolio supporting standards such as TPM 1.2, TPM 2.0
  • First to market with certified TPM products (Common Criteria & FIPS)
  • Improved security based on strong authentication and platform integrity
  • Reduced system costs as no additional peripherals are needed
  • Comprehensive design-in support


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