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Robust and scalable security solutions for industrial applications

Infografic - security for industry 4.0

In increasingly networked industrial environments, smart factories promise huge resource efficiency gains, individualized products and greater adaptability. However, automated communication between cyber-physical systems also opens up virtual factory doors to attackers and saboteurs. The threat of downtime and operational disruptions as a result of manipulation is rising. Successful attackers can easily access intellectual property, dedicated process know-how and customer data. Strong application security measures are needed to protect against these rising threats.

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Authentication and integrity for your industrial applications

At Infineon, our aim is to give machine manufacturers and system providers peace of mind. With our technology, you can monitor whether the right people and machines are communicating with each other. You can also figure out whether your production system has been manipulated – thus maintaining reliable operations.

Building on more than 25 years of experience in security applications and our broad, even longer-standing expertise in traditional industrial applications in areas such as power management, we can help embed next-generation security into your industrial infrastructure – quickly and easily. Find out how our OPTIGA™ Trust family delivers the authentication capabilities you need to protect against counterfeiting, unauthorized products, intentional attacks and unintentional operator errors. Or how our OPTIGA™ TPM family brings certified, standardized Trusted Computing solutions to harsh industrial environments.

Benefits at a glance

  • Adaptability – security functionality scaling from small systems to industrial-scale installations
  • Robust, reliable performance – even in harsh industrial environments
  • Ease of integration with the added bonus of certification and development support
  • Future-proof path built on open standards

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Security for smart factories – secured industrial networks with OPTIGA™ TPM
Security for smart factories – secured industrial networks with OPTIGA™ TPM


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