Networking and ICT security

Securing communications across all touchpoints

The growing connectivity of devices, machines and factories within the Internet of Things offers huge productivity and flexibility benefits. However unsecured routers and gateways in particular also open the virtual door to unwanted guests. Strong computer security measures need to be embedded within information and communication systems to protect business-critical and private data against unauthorized access and manipulation. In addition, manufacturers of network equipment are looking for technologies that enable remote maintenance, device management and business models based on feature authorization.

The answer lies in Trusted Computing. Already deployed in a growing number of networking devices, Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) are now growing in popularity in industrial and commercial applications.

Information security to put you ahead of the market

As the long-standing market leader and innovator in the Trusted Computing space, Infineon offers a broad portfolio of standardized, certified ICT security systems.

Building on our first generation of OPTIGA™ TPM products, we have now released our OPTIGA™ TPM 2.0 generation to give you a smooth migration path to the latest standards in embedded security.

Our security experts would be delighted to advise you on how to build secured networks and protect your customers’ data with routers featuring our certified, rugged security controllers.

Talk to your local Infineon representative today and discover the benefits of fast implementation, lower costs and certified IT security. Proven, integrated security performance will build trust among customers and strengthen your image as a reliable provider. In addition, it will enable you to reposition your product offering and outmaneuver the competition.

Benefits at a glance

  • Proven, certified security performance as a competitive differentiator
  • Fast time-to-market thanks to superior integration support
  • Reduced system cost with standardized system software and interfaces
  • Smooth migration path to the latest standards in embedded security
  • Individualized solutions through collaborative development

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