Embedded security

Meeting tomorrow’s security challenges

Rising connectivity across people, machines and devices is highlighting the need for IT security. Across a variety of industries from manufacturing through smart home to ICT, decision makers are becoming aware of potential security hazards. A successful attack can expose confidential information such as know-how, intellectual property, customer data and process intelligence. In addition, it can interrupt operations, compromise business continuity and even endanger a company’s brand image and thus its existence.


However, this networked world of embedded systems also presents a host of new opportunities, opening up totally new business and service models based on individualized products or customer-centric services, for instance. The success of these new business models hinges on embedded systems security and data integrity. In short, security has become a key success factor in business – one that can only be mastered by building robust, future-proof embedded security hardware into electronic devices, computer systems and industrial equipment.

Delivering the embedded security you need

You can rely on security technologies from Infineon to authenticate people and machines, protect sensitive data and detect unauthorized changes to networked machines and devices. As the recognized, long-standing leader in embedded hardware-based security, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the increasingly complex and challenging world of embedded systems security.

Select the perfect fit for your individual security needs from the market’s broadest portfolio – scaling from basic authentication solutions to robust security controllers for advanced platform integrity checks.

Our technologies are designed to help you stay ahead of the competition, protect your intellectual property and data, tap new business models and build trust among a growing customer base.
In addition, you can rely on our turnkey, tailored solutions to reduce integration effort, speed time-to-market and reduce investment in security infrastructure and know-how.


Find out how our OPTIGA™ Trust family scales from basic authentication functionality to complex implementations to meet your individual and changing needs. Or how our OPTIGA™ TPM family brings the benefits of sophisticated embedded security built on open standards to all computing environments.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fast time-to-market for rapid access to new business and service models
  • Robust protection of your intellectual property and data
  • Reduced need to invest in security infrastructure
  • Trusted advisor with extensive partner ecosystem at your side


Trusted Computing
Read how our standards-based OPTIGA™ TPM security controllers are moving beyond traditional computing environments to protect industrial and automotive applications.

OPTIGA™ Trust solutions
Find out how to protect your business model, IP and know-how with our OPTIGA™ Trust authentication solutions.


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Trusted Computing Video
Trusted Computing Video
IoT needs embedded security solutions (@embedded world)
IoT needs embedded security solutions (@embedded world)
Infineon’s IoT security solution with Global Platform
Infineon’s IoT security solution with Global Platform


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Videos: IoT security demonstrations

Experience our broad range of demonstrations including the embedded security solutions of our OPTIGA™ product family

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