Autonomous turn signal driver for 2-wheelers

On motorcycles, a mode of transportation growing in popularity, the turn signal plays a fundamental role: it shows traffic the direction a driver is turning. But space limitations on the handle bar and frequent use demand an autonomous turn signal driver for 2-wheelers be compact and robust. Further, global requirements dictate the flashing frequency and it must flash in double frequency when a lamp’s burned out.

Infineon’s dedicated PROFET TM Motorcycle solution fulfills all these requirements – and provides additional features for protective functions and diagnostics, such as rain capability. Use our application board for turn signals for your design to save both time and money.

System benefits

  • Autonomous frequency generation
  • Reduced current consumption
  • Compact size fits in reduced board space
  • Robust for short circuit, overtemperature and overcurrent

PROFET™ motorcycle - autonomous turn signal driver

Presentation of the BTS6110-1SJA, the new intelligent single channel high side switch which is specifically designed to drive indicator light bulbs in the harsh motorcycle environment.

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