Embedded systems

Full system solution for embedded power systems

Everyday objects in our modern lives need embedded intelligence to communicate and perform smart functions. For instance, coffee machines, dishwashers and automatic opening systems, to name just a few.

Designing such devices requires an efficient, easy to implement power supply. In addition to a cost effective, versatile and scalable microcontroller platform for functions that distinguish your product – without the hassle of designing a complex power supply or microcontroller subsystem.

Infineon offers a full system solution for embedded systems featuring state-of-the-art power MOSFETs and microcontrollers. Also available: DAVE™, the development platform for Infineon XMC™ microcontrollers. Choose ready-to-use solutions from Infineon – ranging from lowest cost, to highest efficiency, to highest integration in the given power class – and dramatically reduce your time to market.


Explore related evaluation boards and microcontroller boards.

System diagram – highly flexible, competitively priced

System diagram – high level of integration, easy to design, competitively priced

System diagram – highly efficient and flexible

System diagram – highly efficient, high level of integration

Embedded power for home appliances
Embedded power for home appliances

Explore our embedded systems evaluation boards

Evaluation boards Description Application notes
EVAL-3AR4780VJZ 12W SMPS evaluation board using 800V fixed frequency CoolSET™ ICE3AR4780VJZ Download here
EVALQRC-ICE2QR0680Z 40W SMPS evaluation board using 800V quasi-resonant CoolSET™ ICE32QR0680Z Download here
EVALSF3-ICE3BS03LJG 60W SMPS evaluation board using fixed frequency flyback controller ICE3BS03LJG Download here
EVALSF3-ICE3AS03LJG 65W SMPS evaluation board using fixed frequency flyback controller ICE3AS03LJG Download here


Explore our embedded systems microcontroller boards

Microcontroller boards Description More information
KIT_XMC13_BOOT_001 XMC1302 microcontroller in TSSOP-38 with 200KB flash and full peripheral set of XMC1300 series Download user guide
KIT_XMC14_BOOT_001 XMC1404 microcontroller in LQFP-64 with 200KB flash and full peripheral set of XMC1400 series Download user manual


MCU board with XMC1300 and detachable SEGGER J-Link debug interface; Motor board: 12-24V, up to 3A, On board 3-phase motor (24V, 15W) with hall sensors, optional encoder interface; Power supply 24V, 1A Download user manuals
KIT_XMC750WATT_MC_AK_V1 Including off-the-grid supply with input filter, active PFC and high switching frequency IGBTs; Download user manual
KIT_XMC44_AE3_001 XMC4400 microcontroller board, the respective 24V power board Download application note


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