Switched Reluctance Motor

In switched reluctance motor applications both energy and cost efficiency play integral roles. Top quality motor control and motor drive solutions from Infineon's wide portfolio are the ideal choice. You benefit from proven reliability and excellent figures of merit – along with software tools that save you valuable time and money. Explore our offer and find what's right for your switched reluctance motor in terms of products, applications kits and support.

Example Application for Switched Reluctance Motor (discrete)

Battery Powered Applications

Solutions for everything from pedelecs and eBikes to cordless power tools.

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Low Voltage Drives

Highly efficient and precise power management for fans, pumps, actuators in home appliances and more.

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Home and Building

Solutions for ultimate efficiency and best power ratings in high-voltage applications in buildings and homes.

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At a Glance: Switched Reluctance Motor

Switched reluctance motors convert reluctance torque into mechanical power. Power is delivered to windings in the stator rather than the rotor. When power is delivered to the stator windings, the rotor's magnetic reluctance creates a force that attempts to align the rotor with the powered windings. In order to maintain rotation, adjacent windings are powered up in turn. Modern designs feature a high-power electronic switching system that offers advantages in terms of control and power shaping.

Key Characteristics

  • Does not utilize a permanent magnet
  • Pointed poles in both stator and rotor
  • Comparatively robust and efficient
  • Suitable for use in very high ambient temperatures
  • Disadvantages: acoustic noise and torque ripple