Industrial automation

Motor control and drives applications

Common industrial automation applications include food, packaging, logistics systems, tool machines and robots, among others. To achieve higher demands in terms of dynamic behavior and precision, industrial automation heavily relies on industrial AC drives and servo drives. With an Infineon XMC microcontroller at the center of a top-caliber motor control system, it can quickly compute cascaded control tasks, and measure current, position, and speed with ultimate precision. The heavy demand load occurs in real-time, which requires a highly capable system. Boost your industrial automation applications with motor control solutions from Infineon, like our OptiMOS™ and CoolMOS™ MOSFETs, Power Control ICs, and EiceDRIVER™ Gate Driver.

System diagram industrial automation motor control and drives

Converter system diagram for industrial drives

Video industrial automation

Industrial Automation - Dual FOC Motor Control demo
Industrial Automation - Dual FOC Motor Control demo

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