XMC drive cards for low- and high-voltage operating ranges

The XMC1300 and XMC4400 drive cards are microcontroller boards with galvanic isolation for evaluating 3-phase drives of up to several kilowatts. These two drive cards are best suited to customers looking to experience XMC microcontrollers and DAVE™ Motor Control Apps library with their power board/ existing Infineon power boards and their own motor. The debug interface is isolated from the XMC microcontroller and position detection interfaces in order to guarantee safe operation during software development. The XMC1300 drive card can control one 3-phase drive, while the XMC4400 drive card can control up to two. The DAVE™ Motor Control Apps library, together with xSPY for software development and motor parameterization, is the best fit for the XMC1300 and XMC4400 drive cards.

XMC1300 drive card

XMC4400 drive card