XMC1000 and XMC4400 motor control application kits

The XMC1000 and XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kits are ready-made evaluation kits for 3-phase drives. These two kits are best suited to customers looking for a motor control plug&play experience. Both kits have a similar setup with a microcontroller board, the respective 24V power board including n-channel OptiMOS™ power transistors and a 3-phase gate driver EiceDRIVER™ from Infineon, rounded off witha brushless DC motor. Both kits are supported by the DAVE™ Motor Control Apps library, including sinusoidal and block commutation as well as various position detection and sensing schemes with encoder, Hall sensors and shunts. The XMC4400 Motor Control Application Kit also includes a resolver interface.

XMC1000 motor control application kit

XMC4400 motor control application kit

300W motor control application kit and the eval 5kW TO-Leadless evaluation board

The 300W Motor Control Application Kit is made to drive pedelecs, power tools or other low-voltage drives. The kit contains a driver and a graphical user interface (GUI) in order to make it as simple as possible to run a brushless DC motor, for example. The Eval 5kW TO-Leadless evaluation board makes it easy to familiarize oneself with Infineon’s Power MOSFET OptiMOS™ 100V in the new TO-Leadless package. This new package is optimized for high-current applications, such as forklifts, light electric vehicles (LEV), PoL (Point of Load) and low-speed cars.

300W motor control application kit

Eval 5kW TO-Leadless evaluation board