Mobile Front-End Solutions 3G/4G

Infineon Technologies is one of the leading companies with broad product portfolio to offer high performance RF front-end components for various mobile and wireless applications by using industry standard silicon process. For the mobile phone front-end, Infineon offers various RF CMOS primary antenna switches, diversity antenna switches, as well as MMIC SiGe LNAs and RF Schottky diode power detectors.

Infineon’s RF CMOS switches are the first switches on the market, based purely on the industrial standard CMOS process which offers low insertion loss, high isolation and low harmonics generation for high volume production. They are widely used for band selection/switching or diversity switching at the antenna. PIN diodes can be used as an alternative for less complex switching circuits i.e. for RX/TX switching in 2G/2.5G phones and for connectivity applications.

Low barrier Schottky power detection diodes are used for precise output power control after the power amplifier. It helps the transceiver IC to monitor the correct information about the mismatch condition of the mobile phone antenna to the environment and adapt signal power accordingly.