Battery and Accessories

Mobile device OEMs have the ultimate goal to provide consumers with an exciting, reliable and safe user experience. ORIGA™2, the first available device with the new MIPI battery interface along with authentication, temperature monitoring and NVM personalization features, can help to provide this experience.

Naturally requirements for safety, reliability, performance and IP Protection also need to be fulfilled for other devices than batteries in the mobile device eco system. This includes accessories like AC adapters, docking stations, headsets, remote controls and port replicators.

The mobile device can use the same ORIGA™ host software stack to authenticate all other accessories - connected or wireless. This technology allows to create a trusted eco system to ensure reliable and safe environment for consumers as well as offering highest performance and quality to distinguish the product offering from the competitors. This authentication technology allows also to authorize and monitor third party accessory manufacturers to ensure that their product quality meets or exceeds the OEM requirements. All these aspects of brand protection are covered by the ORIGA™ family of products. Learn more by clicking on any icon below.

Battery and Accesories System Diagram