Linear LED driver ICs

Optimally drive low and mid power LEDs

Cost savings is the primary reason why numerous companies still consider using resistors to drive low-power LEDs. However, this decision can backfire since resistors cannot prevent LEDs from overheating. When LEDs heat up, they draw even more current, making them heat up even further. Many designs using resistors would benefit from a different solution. Using BCR linear LED drivers to drive LED currents between 10 mA and 250 mA will prevent thermal runaway.

Infineon’s solutions for linear LED driver IC

The high granularity of Infineon’s BCR portfolio lets you select the best-fit product in terms of price and performance. For common nominal output currents like 10 / 20 / 50 mA, you can use the LED driver IC without current setting resistors and other output currents can be adjusted via an external resistor. The negative thermal coefficient protects the LED load from overheating. PWM dimming is possible with a microcontroller BCR321U and BCR421U due to logic level input.

Simulations with Infineon Designer

Turn to Infineon Designer, a digital prototyping engine, to easily simulate, modify and evaluate circuits and Infineon products. This powerful online SPICE and digital simulator contains a sophisticated circuit and waveform viewer, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your designs. Look for the round icon with a cloud and wave shown here to find suitable applications.

Driving low-power LEDs (5-65 mA)

Driving medium-power LEDs (65-150 mA)


Dimming low and medium power LEDs (10-150mA)

Driving medium to high-power LEDs (65-500mA)