Non-dimmable LED tubes and lamps

Cost-saving components and reference designs

In non-dimmable offline LED lamp applications, keeping costs low is key. As a result, factors that help reduce the BOM, such as LED solutions with high efficiency and long lifetimes, are in high demand. In general, integrated solutions typically satisfy LED lamps with an input power rating up to 10-watt . For higher power ranges, especially for LED tubes, ICs are combined with external MOSFETs

High-quality, low cost solutions for non-dimmable offline LED lamps

At Infineon, we are well versed in the challenges common to non-dimmable LED tubes and lamps. In our extensive portfolio of top-quality products, you’ll find, reliable high-performance solutions with a low BOM, such as ICL8201 in combination with 500V CE or 600V CE MOSFETs. Our new line of CoolMOS in SOT223 package is specifically tailored to reduce the BOM while also being much more efficient than planar MOSFETs. This is precisely what’s required for optimum cost-efficiency – and you get renowned Infineon engineering. Also, take a moment to explore our time- and cost-saving reference designs for T8 and GU10 lamps.

Highly efficient driver solution for non-dimmable LED tubes and lamps

High voltage, low power LED driver

Demo/Reference Design
LED Filament Driver