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Thanks to the current urbanization megatrend – coupled with more passengers on public transport, an increased number of cargo trains, and tighter air pollution regulations – the traction application has returned to the limelight. Its re-emergence places higher demands on your traction application design. Reliability and the corresponding high quality are must-haves in the application in which products have an expected service lifetime of 20-30 years. Traction is also subject to growing scrutiny in terms of energy use and efficiency. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions have flourished in this growing industry in recent years. The result: a more competitive market for your customers.

 More than anything, you need high-quality products and solutions to help customers solidify their position and grow in the traction market. For one, they need efficient components that reduce energy losses. You also need to guarantee them that your design fulfills the relevant regulations and norms as well as safety requirements. That’s why you need a strong partner on your side like Infineon.

Traction system diagram

High-quality solutions for traction applications

Infineon understands the challenges you face today with your traction design. That’s why we offer a comprehensive product portfolio of best-in-class solutions with high power density and excellent efficiency. Our components stand out for their long lifetime and provide the reliability your traction application needs to keep on chugging along year after year in harsh environmental conditions. If scalability is key, our simplified system design is the right choice for your traction system.

Why should you choose Infineon?

Our leading position in the industry as a high volume supplier with high capacity allows us to easily meet customer requirements. What’s more, partner with us for the peace of mind of procuring your traction application components from a European-based supplier. Explore the range of products below to find the right high-quality components for your design!