Industrial Automation

The Smart Choice for Smart Factories

Challenges common to industrial automation systems - like the demand for industrial grade components with guaranteed long-term availability - influence which solutions fit industrial applications best. For example, a microcontroller that doesn’t support an extended temperature range simply doesn’t fit the bill. What’s more, your success depends on factors such as the planned time to market, the right price point, and the assistance of application-related road maps.

When developing solutions, Infineon takes your challenges head-on. We offer high-quality industrial grade semiconductors along with a range of proven reference designs. Making your automation design as simple, efficient, and reliable as possible.

Count on our proven expertise in the field to support you in developing ideal solutions for industrial automation applications. We’re the only manufacturer with a comprehensive portfolio of isolated I/O devices (ISOFACE™). As the market-leading supplier, we offer embedded security solutions, such as OPTIGA™ Trust and  OPTIGA™ TPM, to protect against attacks, counterfeiting, and manipulation. Infineon products are also engineered to allow a high level of integration while saving valuable space.

The industrial internet: Industry 4.0
Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, the future beholds a growing number of smart factories powered by smart semiconductor solutions. But Industry 4.0, an initiative of the German government, is more than just smart factories: it’s better integration of customers and business partners. And it connects the entire value-added chain, from supplier and producer all the way to the customer. The success of Industry 4.0 hinges on powerful, secure and smart components like those from Infineon.

While Industry 4.0 promises huge gains in resource efficiency, product individualization and greater adaptability, it presents new challenges a well. Especially in terms of security.Thankfully you can rely on our market-leading expertise in embedded security to protect against attacks, counterfeits, manipulation and sabotage in all Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments. As Acatech member and part of the Industrial Internet Consortium, Infineon also helps actively shape industrial advances of tomorrow.

Industrial Automation System Diagram