Electromobility: innovative, efficient & affordable

Widespread deployment of electric vehicles hinges on an intelligent power supply infrastructure, but also on drastic cuts in the cost of electric vehicles and their batteries in particular.

Electromobility driven by semiconductor innovations

As innovation and market leader in automotive and high-power electronics, Infineon has over 40 years of experience. We are successfully channeling this bundled expertise into the evolution of (hybrid) electric vehicles. Our intelligent power semiconductors and modules, microcontrollers and sensors are making a vast contribution to drivetrain and electronics cost efficiencies, also increasing overall system efficiency. For example, our active battery balancing solution already extends the capacity, range and life of batteries by more than 10%.

Infineon has the perfect match to provide innovative-high-performance semiconductor solutions  with best-in-class technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles and actively helps you to shape the paradigm shift towards a sustainable electromobility.

Electromobility based on intelligent power grids

When it comes to building tomorrow’s electric infrastructure for an affordable electromobility, our innovative semiconductor solutions will form the backbone of enabling a smart grid, allowing drivers to recharge intelligently, pay securely and feed power back into the electricity grid.

Semiconductors play a key role in building more intelligence into the energy cycle. Tomorrow’s power grids will have to solve different challenges at once. On the one hand, grids are going to be supplied by various sources like water, sun and wind, and on the other they have to deal with greater peaks and valleys of demand. By innovative solutions, semiconductors ensure a constant and efficient flow of electricity over thousands of kilometers from the plant to the point of use with low losses at the outlet.

Underpinned by our sense of environmental responsibility and strategic focus on energy efficiency, mobility and security, we are already delivering the semiconductor innovations accelerating the paradigm shift towards an affordable and market-viable electromobility on the road.

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The need to conserve natural resources, reduce emissions and raise energy efficiency has become a major public concern. Amidst worries about dependence on oil and climate change, demand for electricity continues to soar. According to the International Energy Association, worldwide demand for electrical energy is set to rise by more than 60% over the next 20 years.

The way forward does not necessarily lie in producing more electricity, but in wasting less of it. To sustain our current economic model into the future, we need to optimize energy efficiency across the entire power chain, stretching from generation through distribution to actual consumption. In other words, industry is challenged to develop smart solutions enabling climate-neutral sourcing, intelligent distribution through smart grids and efficiency-aware applications and appliances.

What does Infineon have to do with electromobility?

In an electric vehicle, the combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor while in a Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV), the combustion engine is supplemented with an electric motor. Semiconductors are indispensable for all types of electrified powertrains.

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