Wireless communication

Secure, energy-efficient solutions for today’s wireless traffic

Wireless technology has become the communication standard between people and their devices. On a global level, our world now operates on a large-scale wireless platform where constant connectivity is the norm. From high-tech urban landscapes to rural areas of the globe, wireless communication is what connects people.

Moreover, wireless technology has changed the way people communicate. Greater technical and social dependence on wireless technology has led to greater demands on the current wireless infrastructure. As more and more users connect multiple devices to the Internet of Things, upgrades may soon be needed to handle the increase in traffic.

Whether short range, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or long range, such as radio, there is unlimited potential for innovation in the domain of wireless communication. Following the growing trends of smart technology and appliances, secure wireless communication between these applications is more important than ever. This places new demands on your customers who need reliable, energy-efficient wireless communication designs that can securely handle high traffic without issues.

For industry-leading wireless communication systems, choose Infineon

At Infineon, our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality solutions offers precisely what you need to make applications of wireless communication a success. From our reference designs to our industry-leading semiconductors and power conversion products, all of which are documented and supported. Of particular interest for your wireless communication system design: our highly efficient FETs, both discrete and integrated in power stages; our durable, high-power RF transistors with various frequencies; our reference designs for applications like backhaul with integrated chips. Explore our products to learn more.

Data processing system for telecommunication base station

Radio board

Baseband board