Communication switches and routers

Highly-efficient, low-noise parts for enhanced connectivity

Everywhere you turn today, connectivity is on people’s minds and lips. The world we live in is becoming increasingly connected by the internet. None of this would be possible without the switches and routers that bring it all together – whether for a service provider, enterprise or residential solution. The connectivity boom is placing growing demands on switches and routers. Designing smaller, lower annual kilowatt-per-hour communication systems all contribute to the developing trend of going green while saving on costs. Above all, customers need reliable transmissions to ensure connections are properly maintained.

Reliable routers and switches components from Infineon

Make sure your switch and router designs are successful by partnering with Infineon, an industry leader in power components. We offer the robust components you are looking for – ones that perfectly fulfill the demands of your customers. Our products are engineered for high power density, top energy efficiency and low noise. Your customers will especially appreciate how our regulators can be synchronized for low noise – unlike any other on the market. Get started with your communication switches design by exploring our selection of power stages, gate driver ICs, multiphase DC/DC and much more. Learn how you and Infineon can help enhance our connected world by taking your routers and switches designs to the next level.

Data processing system for communication switches and routers