Battery powered tools

Millions of households worldwide rely on power tools to complete daily tasks or creative projects around the home. Consumers want robust, reliable and portable power tools that are easy-to-use with low price and long battery life as key selection options. Battery powered tools must also be equipped with diagnostic and safety features to ensure confidence with high quality.

Infineon’s broad portfolio offers best-fit, innovative solutions for all power tools applications. We help you meet each consumer needs and reduce your overall costs. Also, our wireless-charging reference designs deliver high performance and are easily optimized in our DAVE™ development platform. Configure your BOM and exceed expectations with Infineon components in your cordless power tool designs.

Battery powered tools system diagram

Featured solution for battery powered tools

Save development time and costs on your designs with Infineon’s 300W Motor Control Application Kit for cordless power tools. Test and analyze any brushless DC engine equipped with hall sensors up to 300W without additional cooling.

Reference design for battery powered tools

Boost your design with our 1kW Evaluation Board for medium power BLDC motor control applications.

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