RF main path

Achieve best-in-class performance

For RF main path applications in mobile devices, designers know good reception is of the essence. However, receiving and transmitting issues complicate the situation. To start, the transmission path must be equipped to handle high power and the receiver must be robust. What’s more, battery life greatly depends on the components used for transmission. And consumers today want a battery charge that lasts from morning until night.

RF main path system diagram

Reliable solutions with a high level of integration

At Infineon we meet challenges common to RF path applications head on with our complete portfolio of high-quality semiconductors, including LNAs, LMMs and switches. Engineered for low losses to save battery power, our components are very reliable, making your design more robust, and more successful on the market. We optimize our LNAs and switches for top system performance and offer you SiGE LNA RF performance that is best-in-class. Choose RF main path solutions from Infineon and benefit from a high level of integration, proven reliability and the best-possible cost-performance ratio.