RF diversity path

Enhanced RF diversity signals for a better user experience

As video streaming and other demanding applications on mobile devices skyrocket, smartphones must continuously increase their communication data rate to stay competitive. Designers are challenged to increase the overall system signal to noise ratio (SNR) as well as apply advanced technologies, such as carrier aggregation to bundle signals coming from several bands or channels. Here, antenna diversity comes into play.

RF diversity path system diagram

High-performance RF diversity path solutions from Infineon

By selecting RF diversity components from Infineon, you gain highest design flexibility, including multiple ways to aggregate carriers. Depending on your project’s needs and budget, select between solutions delivering top performance and ones with an optimized cost-performance ratio. Our leading-edge SiGe technology ensures best-possible SNR improvement, top energy-efficiency and longer battery life.

RF diversity path solutions from Infineon enable bringing down the SNR and boosting the data rate by more than 100% in poor signal environment. In fact, our data rate is 12% higher than the competition. By primarily developing in-house, we ensure generation after generation of leading-edge RF diversity optimized products. Our switches with both MIPI and GPIO interfaces facilitate simple routing and LMM provides you with a cost-optimized system.

Questions? Our engineers are happy to provide full-spectrum support during your entire RF diversity application design process.