RF antenna system

For improved signal quality and longer battery life

A high efficiency RF antenna needs space ­– something lacking in today’s smartphones, tablets and wearables. Moreover, antennas in these devices must cover a larger frequency bandwidth. Also required: better radio communication in terms of coverage and data rate, and longer battery life. And, of course, more design flexibility. With components from Infineon, you can overcome all these common RF system design challenges to create designs in tune with present-day demands.

RF antenna system diagram

The best cost-performance ratio

Turn to Infineon’s complete portfolio of RF antenna components for solutions that are robust, compact and offer a high degree of linearity. Facing cost pressure but sill need high performance? We offer the best cost-performance ratio out there. In particular, our switches and cross switches let you enjoy a higher degree of design flexibility, resulting in a better trade off between antenna performance and size.

The net effect of designing an RF antenna system with Infineon: mobile devices with better signal quality and longer battery life. Explore our portfolio to find the right components for your RF antenna designs.