RF front-end

High-performance components for mobile front-end solutions

For today’s ever more demanding mobile device and wireless applications, designers need highly-integrated front-end solutions with lower loss rates, more powerful performance and greater linearity. Given the market’s competitive nature – and the quick rate at which technologies evolve – designers and manufacturers also need reassurance that the time to market will be quick.

RF front-end system diagram

RF front-end solutions from Infineon

As a leading provider with over 60 years experience developing RF front-end solutions, Infineon offers you a broad product portfolio of high performance RF front-end components. Choose our innovative solutions and benefit from speedy, reliably delivery as well as our in-depth system knowledge and on-site support.

In particular, discover our antenna tuners, RF switches, LNAs and LMMs. Engineered for great performance, high data rate and lower power consumption, our components help take your RF front-end modules to the next level.

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