Interface protection

Maximum ESD protection from the market leader

Miniaturization and integration combined with their general complexity make present-day mobile devices much more sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). The result: you are challenged to protect different interfaces from various ESD or surge scenarios without impacting signal integrity (SI). Interface protection requires suitable TVS diodes with the right level of protection along with the desired performance and price.

Interface protection system diagram

The right package for ESD protection

Market leader in the high performance protection segment, at Infineon we offer you a wide range of TVS diodes for both analog and digital applications, high-speed and RF interfaces as well as for power lines surge protection. To better meet your needs, we extended our TVS portfolio of chip scale packages to offer optimum ESD protection with consideration for performance, robustness, quality and price. Facing extreme space constraint, such as in wearables or a module? No problem, we offer the world’s smallest diode, ESD***-B1-CSP01005.

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