Better signal quality on mobile devices

Consumers today use smartphones as all-in-one devices. In addition to talking on the phone and surfing, this includes entertainment features, or broadcasting applications, such as broadcast TV and FM radio. However, the integrated antenna’s small size inhibits reception and thereby limits the features’ performance. Solving the problem requires the right LNA: it enhances the system reception for broadband coverage and provides better signal quality.

Broadcasting system diagram

Flexible, compact broadcasting solutions with lowest noise

With a long tradition of high quality, Infineon offers best-fit broadband LNAs as well as MMIC LNAs required to improve system sensitivity in broadcasting applications. This, of course, includes mobile TV and FM radio. In fact, by selecting products from Infineon, you gain components with the lowest noise figure on the market.

Experience full design flexibility with our complete product portfolio of solutions for broadcasting applications. Small in size and with a high level of integration, Infineon helps take your designs to the next level.

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